Meeting Customer's Expectations is average, exceeding is the norm!

Website Hosting:

$120.00 Per YearIncludes 99% Guaranteed Up-time,  Daily Website Backups, Automated Patch and Update management installing hundreds of updates throughout the year, and a Help Desk in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Website Design:

AS LOW AS $500.00 and Up. This is based on the type of website you are looking for and how many pages. | All designs include Google Analytics.

Computer Virus Cleanup:

Priced Per Customers Needs | Are you having issues with popups or viruses on your PC. Give us a shout and we can get that machine cleaned up within a few days in most cases!  Contact Us Now for more info!

Dead Computer Hard Drive Restore:

Priced Per Customers Needs | Did your computer Die but you have important files you need to have saved off the machine. In most cases we are able to extract data off dead computers.  Contact Us Now for more info!

Computer Network Support:

Priced Per Customers Needs | Having issues at your company with computers and computer networking.  Contact Us Now and we can help with all of those issues!

Advertisements (Digital or Paper):

Do you need help coming up with attention grabbing advertisement to help push your products or services! Look no further! Contact Us Now for more info!

Brand Management:

Priced Per Customers Needs | Need help building up a brand or product? We can help you from things like streamlining processes, to how you are shipping, what manufactures you are using and are they hitting their deadlines? We review your business and supply you with our vast knowledge of ways to streamline and manage your company efficiently.  Contact Us Now for more info!

Streaming PC Assistance:

Priced Per Customers Needs | Need help setting up your PC setup. Either in a single PC or Dual PC stream setup? We know setting up certain audio paths and getting only certain audio items out on stream can be a huge pain in the butt! We are here to help. We are very familiar with Streamlabs OBS {SLOBS}, OBS, GOXLR, StreamDeck, Elgato, VoiceMeter, and other applications.  Contact Us Now for more info!

Email Hosting:

$40.00 Per Year Per Email Account.

Getting Your Business Listed on Google Maps:


Help Buying A Domain Name?:


Need Help Setting Up An LLC?:


Jinxville Design Builds all different types of websites. Anything from Billing Software, WordPress Sites, Calendar Websites, E-Learning Sites, Forums, Photo Gallery Sites, Project Management, Wiki, Mobile Sites, Zen Cart, and Support Ticket Portals.

We also work with VRBO, Shopify, and many more!